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Two cameras showing the current Charleston Bar conditions and the current mud flat clamming area conditions.


It was a good weekend for crabbing in the bay. There were a lot of people crabbing off of the docks in Charleston on Saturday. On Sunday, one person who had gone crabbing in the bay reported an excellent catch. The crab shells were hard and the crab were very meaty. That's positive news possibly for the upcoming season.

11/1/11 In-bay fishing

Fishermen have reported good luck catching bottom fish in the lower bay, from the railroad bridge down toward the jetties. Chinook salmon fishing has moved up the rivers, but there are still a few reports of people catching fish from the bank near the Coos Bay Boardwalk. Crabbing is excellent in the bay and good from the docks.

9/16/11 Ocean fishing

Charleston charters have seats open for weekend bottom fishing trips. The catch has been good all week. Betty Kay Charters plans its last tuna trip Saturday and the trip appears to be booked, but it never hurts to call late afternoon to check for cancellations.

9/15/11 Coho season open

The wild coho Coos Bay fishery opens today and remains open until Nov. 30 or sooner if 1,200 fish are caught. You can catch one per day, for a total of five per season. Don't forget to thank the local folks who have been working on habitat restoration projects. They deserve some credit for the healthier wild coho population and this improving fishery.

Chinook fishing reports continue to improve. Boaters have reported catching salmon throughout the bay. Cut plug herring remains the bait of choice.

Clamming is good. Crabbing is decent by boat from Clam Island down toward the jetties. It's so-so from the docks.

9/7/11 Still biting

Every morning, many boats. Salmon fishermen who head out on the upper bay in the early morning are almost assured a catch. Troll with cut plug herring behind flashers. Reminder, the wild coho fishery opens Sept. 15 through Nov. 30, or until the catch hits quota of 1,200 fish.

Crabbing is fair. Clamming is good. Charters report slow ocean salmon fishing. Tuna is far out. Bottom fishing brought limits the past several days for charter customers.

8/18/11 Happy fishing

Chinook salmon fishing remains strong. Crabbing is good by boat in the lower bay and fair on the incoming tide from the docks in Chareston.

8/18/11 One more update today

One of our Charleston fishermen said two guys in his boat pulled in 20-plus pounders this morning. The fish in the bay are big, with catches averaging 20 to 28 pounds. Jacks haven't shown up yet, which was the case at this time last year. Many more boats were in the bay today and Marshfield channel today, so expect to jockey for space.

8/18/11 Salmon are thick in the bay

The Charleston RV Park is full. The marina parking lot is crowded with boat trailers. You guessed it - salmon fishing in the bay is dang good. Report from fishermen Wednesday was that Chinook were biting. In fact, one fisherman said all of the boats limited out fishing in the upper bay in the Marshfield channel. At 6:30 a.m. today there were already at least 15 boats trolling that area.

8/3/11 Tuna farther offshore

Tuna have moved out to about 50 miles offshore due to the cooler north winds, according to fishermen who were on the ocean Wednesday. Salmon fishing has slowed somewhat, too, near the jetties. A few people are fishing for salmon in upper Coos Bay, but there have been no reports of fish caught that far up the river.

Ling cod fishing is excellent in the bay. There are reports of some rockfish catches in the bay, too. Charters still have seats for ocean fishing trips this weekend.

Crabbing is fair.

8/2/11 Boats catching salmon and tuna

Tuna fishing still is strong. Sport fishermen also have been catching salmon just inside the jetties. Most boats have been reporting catches on herring. There also have been ling cod in the bay around the railroad bridge.

Crabbing has been slow to fair off the docks and in the bay. Clamming is good as usual.

7/14/11 Boats are reeling in tuna

Tuna is the talk of Charleston. Commercial and recreational fishermen got lucky this week. Reports indicated the tuna schools were anywhere from 35 to 70 miles offshore. There should be tuna in the retail fish markets now for people who arenít ready to head that far out to sea. Also charter boats are scheduling trips.

Bottom fishing has been good. Ling cod catches are nice around Simpson Reef.

Crabbing has been good in the bay, but slow off of the docks in Charleston. I was in Bandon last Sunday and crabbing was slow off of the docks there, too.  Divers say the water is cold, so maybe that bodes well for better crabbing to come.

7/8/11 Bay fishing is good

Windy and rough ocean weather kept some charter and commercial boats in this week. However, some boats are fishing in the bay for ling cod and rockfish. Pacific Charters does offer group fishing trips in the bay if the oceanís too rough.

Crabbing has been slow to fair. Clamming has been excellent at low tide.

There has been one report of California halibut being caught up around the highway bridge.

6/16/11 You're sure to catch surf perch right now

It was 48 degrees at sunrise and it's destined to be a spectacular day. Surf perch fishing should be excellent today. Fishermen had good catches Tuesday and Wednesday.

6/10/11 Take your kids fishing

Itís free fishing weekend. Come on out to the Charleston Marina and take a charter, or launch your own boat for bay or ocean fishing. No fishing license required Saturday or Sunday, for the Oregon Department of Fish & Wildlife's annual fishing celebration.

Crabbing has been slow off of the docks and from boats. Matt at Fishermenís Wharf said the bay is warming and getting saltier, so crab should be moving back in. Divers say the bay is full of fish.

Commercial salmon boats are doing well, but catch reports from charters are mixed. Rock fishing, as usual, is excellent. Charters usually have a few open seats if you call a few days in advance.

6/6/2011 Halibut and rockfish are biting

Weekend fishermen reported excellent catches of nearshore rockfish. Charters reported successful halibut trips and seats are open for the June 9-11 weekend. Charters also are scheduling limited salmon trips, but the season really hasnít picked up yet.

Crabbing has been so-so. Clamming should be good on the minus tides through Wednesday.

5/27/2011 Charters have a few seats for holiday weekend trips

Trout fishing opens Saturday, but there still are bay and sea fishing opportunities.

Bad weather forced cancellation of some halibut trips Thursday, but boats went out today for the limited opener. No results on the catch yet today, but itís worth checking with charters to see if they have seats open for Saturday. The average catch has been 22-pound halibut. Charters are filling up for bottom fishing over the three-day weekend, but Charleston boats report a few seats for Saturday and Monday.

Clamming has been good on the low tides and crabbing is decent, too, off the docks and in the bay. Dockside crabbers have been pulling in red rock and keeper Dungeness crab.

Divers say the bay has good numbers of ling cod and black rock fish. White sturgeon and shad are out there in the tidewaters. Remember, you canít keep green sturgeon.

5/18/2011 This is the week to go clamming

Itís an excellent time to go clamming. The weather has been decent Ė partly cloudy and warmish. More importantly, there are minus tides each day this week through Saturday. Today, there were many people clamming in Charleston. Click here for tide tables that include adjustments for each region of Coos Bay ... http://www.charlestonmarina.com/tide.htm. If you donít know how to clam, there are usually folks on the tide flats who would be happy to help you.

5/16/2011 First halibut opener a good one

Charter boat operators say the catch was excellent for the seasonís first three-day halibut opening last weekend. Betty Kayís trips limited all three days, with everyone on the boats catching fish. The largest halibut was 61 pounds. Poor weather deterred some sport boats. The next halibut opening is May 26-28. Charters still are booking seats, but some trips are already full.

Bottom fishing remains good. The ling cod catches are strong. If you havenít ventured out yet due to weather, local fish markets are reporting nearly daily deliveries of ling cod, rock fish and salmon.

Speaking of salmon, Chinook fishing is slow, although halibut fishermen aboard charters out of Charleston caught two over the weekend.

Crabbing is slow. Clamming is excellent thanks to minus tides this week.

4/22/2011 Charters report excellent catches

Ocean fishing is good. Charter boat captains this week reported good catches for ling cod, Cabazon, copper rock and black rockfish. No reports of salmon yet. Charters are scheduling halibut trips for the June opener.

In the bay, itís a good time to start fishing for white sturgeon. Anchovies and sand shrimp are the baits of choice. Shad is due soon, too, in the upper tidewater.

Crabbing is slow off of the docks. No report on people's luck by boat.

Spring is the season to go clamming. There will be minus tides Sunday and Monday, and again mid-month. Pick up free tide books at the Charleston Marina office.

4/22/2011 Fishing Report

Good weather equates to good fishing. Charter boats have reported excellent catches on ling cod and limits on rock fish. Charters are booking trips and scheduling is light, so seats are available for the weekend and next week.

Ocean sport salmon fishing is open. Word is commercial boats are doing OK, but they fish deeper than charters. Some private sport boats are catching a few salmon, but charters are waiting for more success stories before they book salmon trips.

There are two Pacific halibut sports openings in May off of Charleston. Charter boats are booking trips now for May 12-14 and May 26-28.

People have had good luck crabbing off of the docks in Charleston the past few days. There have been a lot of big red rock crab and decent numbers of Dungeness. Thereís also a lot of ling cod in the bay, and dry weather means the water will clear and be salty.

Minus tides end Saturday, so get out clamming in the late morning early afternoon today and Saturday.

Donít forget, steelhead fishing in the rivers ends April 30. ODFW says sturgeon fishing should pick up in the Coos River and Isthmus Slough soon.

4/08/2011 Fishing Report

Keep your eyes on the forecast. Once the weather settles, there should be good bottom and rock fishing opportunities. Chinook sport fishing is open off of Coos Bay and should improve with the weather. Charters are booking halibut trips for May.

Thereís still time to take home a steelhead. Season closes April 30.

Crabbing has been slow to fair by boat and off of the docks in Charleston. Itís mostly due to the poor weather. Minus tides start on April 16, so start thinking about clamming. Minus tides will be in the morning through April 23. Pick up free tidebooks at the Charleston Marina office or the Coos Bay Visitors Center.

2/25/2011 Fishing Report

Cold weather kept fishermen in this week; same with crabbers. Charter boats, however, are booking trips for the weekend and beyond. Itís not too soon to be thinking about spring. Betty Kay Charters is scheduling  March and April whale watching excursions and halibut trips in May.

2/18/2011 Fishing Report

The water in the bay is colder than it has been in recent weeks, and that tends to bring in food. There are a lot of black rock fish and ling cod in the bay for fishermen.

Steelhead fishing is good. People have had good luck up the East and West Forks of the Millicoma rivers. ODF&W says baitwise you should get a bite if youíre drifting corkies, eggs or sand shrimp. Spin casting has brought results, too.

Cold weather has been a bit of a deterrent for crabbing in the bay and from the docks. Even so, people are pulling in some good-sized Oregon Dungeness out of the bay by boat.  Crabbing off of the docks in Charleston has been slow, but people are taking home some crab.

2/11/2011 Fishing Report

Reports in Charleston indicate ling cod fishing has been excellent this week. There are a lot of ling cod and rock fish in the bay. Charter and sports boats have been doing well offshore, too. Watch the weather, the ocean and for sneaker waves, especially if fishing at the jetties.

Crabbing has been slow off the docks in Charleston. People crabbing by boat have had more success near the jetties and up around Empire. The tides arenít great for clamming this weekend, but starting with the minus tides in the afternoons next week, Tuesday through Sunday, plan to grab gear and go.

If you just canít wait for salmon season, the word (and wish) around Charleston is that it should be a good year. There appear to be a lot of salmon in the ocean. Fishermen around Port Orford have reported some incidental catch while jigging for rock fish. The Oregon Salmon Commission meets Friday, Feb. 18, so perhaps weíll hear more next week.

1/25/2011 Fishing Report

Several days of sunshine has flushed a lot of the freshwater out of the bay, which is good news for people who want to go steelhead fishing. Fishing has been good. Many people have headed up the East and West Forks of the Millicoma River. The Oregon Department of Fish & Wildlife is encouraging people to fish in the West Fork at the Millicoma Interpretive Center. You can call 541-267-2557 to be sure the gate is open and for directions.

Crabbing has improved in the bay around Charleston. One visitor to the marina this afternoon reported catching a limit of big, meaty crab after two pulls of the crab pots.

1/14/2011 Fishing Report

Steelhead fishing slowed over the past week, but may improve this weekend with rainfall Thursday and today. People have been using clumps of eggs and sand shrimp, in addition to the usual spinners and corkies.

Crabbing in the bay has slowed. Boaters have had the best luck pulling in Dungeness near the jetties. Crabbing from the docks in Charleston has been slow, too.


12/21/2010 Fishing Report Rain remains in the forecast, but we have had sun breaks today. Itís worth a trip to the docks in Charleston or by boat into the bay to bring home crab for Christmas.  Dungeness are meaty and plentiful, particularly by boat. Boatwise, the best places to drop pots are near the jetties all the way up to the Empire Boat Ramp area.

Visitors donít forget, youíll need a shellfish license for anyone 14 and older who crabs or clams. Those are available at tackle shops where you can rent and purchase gear, too. The annual license is $7 for residents, $11.50 for 3-day nonresidents, and free for disabled veterans. Check out the following link for details on catch limits, etc. http://www.dfw.state.or.us/mrp/shellfish/regulations.asp

Steelhead fishing is decent up the rivers. Eggs and corkies drifted near the bottom are the baits of choice.

12/14/2010 Fishing Report Get out your crab pots. Crabbing remains excellent in the bay. People are pulling in the best catches by boat from the jetties up to the Empire Boat Ramp area. Crabbing from the docks is good, but expect to get a mix of Dungeness and red rock crab.

Steelhead fishing is strong up the rivers, on the East and West Forks of the Millicoma and on the South Coos River. Many anglers are drifting eggs or corkies along the river bottom. ODFW suggests fishing at the Millicoma Interpretive Center on the West Fork and at Nesika Park on the East Fork. 

12/3/2010 Fishing Report Crabbing has improved from the docks in Charleston. Matt LaDoux at Fishermenís Wharf said people have been pulling up legal-sized Dungeness off the docks in addition to red rock crab. Crabbing by boat in the bay still is the sure way to take home a good batch of Dungeness.

Itís a good weekend for clamming. The best time to go is Saturday and Sunday afternoons around 5 p.m.

Fishingwise, some people have been catching steelhead on the East Fork of the Millicoma River and South Coos River. ODF&W reports anglers have had luck with drifting eggs or a corky near the bottom, or floating jigs under bobbers.

11/18/2010 Fishing Report Chinook fishing is basically over. With nearly an inch and a half of rain in the past 24 hours as of this morning, the water is murky and the fish are far, far up the rivers.

Thatís not to suggest, there are no fishing opportunities. Start getting your gear ready. Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife biologists say steelhead are coming our way. Thanksgiving weekend is typically the very beginning of the run.

Clamming on the low tide is good right now, but you might want to wait a day or so after the heavy rains subside to go.

Bay crabbing by boat is great, from the Empire Boat Ramp down to near the jetties. Dock crabbing is OK, but people are hauling up mostly red rock crab. They are tasty, but unlike Dungeness most of the meat is in the claws. The quality of this yearís Dungeness crab is good, with the commercial ocean season scheduled to open Dec. 1.

11/8/2010 Fishing Report Salmon fishing in the bay is slow. However, over the weekend there were several people fishing along the Coos Bay Boardwalk path Saturday and Sunday.  People still are bank fishing at the mouth of Daniels Creek on the South Fork of the Coos River. Bank fishing alongside state Highway 42 prior to Greenacres near the House of Confusion market is another preferred spot. Most people are using spinners and some are fishing with bait and bobbers.

If youíre a Coos River STEP program follower, on Tuesday (Nov. 9) volunteers will be spawning salmon all day at the Noble Creek Hatchery at Greenacres. They welcome visitors. If you go, donít be surprised if they hand you waders and put you to work. To get there, from Coos Bay take Highway 42 to the Greenacres exit between mileposts 3 and 4. Follow the signs. Canít go, but want to? Call 541-267-3563 for details on the next work day.

Bay crabbing still is strong. People are having the best luck by boat from near the jetties up the bay to the Empire Boat Ramp. (One of the staff here went bay crabbing over the weekend and took home 18 nice-sized Dungeness.) Crabbing from the docks in Charleston and Empire is OK, but expect to take home mostly red rock crab.

10/28/2010 Fishing Report Chinook salmon are well up the rivers thanks to this weekís big rains. While Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife biologists say the fishing still is good, many local fishermen are putting away their poles. For those who just canít quit, most of the fishing is happening above the Chandler Bridge and in the South Fork of the Coos River. Baitwise, boaters have been trolling mostly with sardines and somewhat with cut-plug herring and spinners. ODF&W reports people are having luck in the upper South Fork with sand shrimp drifted under a bobber. Bank fishermen are using spinners or bait under bobbers.

Crabbing still is excellent by boat in the lower bay. Dock crabbing is decent, but expect to take home mostly red rock crabs from the docks.

10/18/2010 Fishing Report Coos Bayís Chinook salmon fishery still is attracting fishermen, by boat and from shore. Last week, the bait of choice for trollers was sardines. Be careful in buying bait. Some sardines seem to be too big to attract salmon. Herring reportedly hasnít been as productive. From shore, people are using spinners or bait under bobbers.

Crabbing is excellent by boat in the lower bay. Crabbing from the docks is OK, but most people are pulling in a lot of red rock crab from the docks.

10/7/2010 Fishing Report Chinook fishing is excellent. Anglers are having the best luck in the Marshfield channel up to the forks of the Coos River. From shore, use spinners or bait under a bobber. From boat, troll with cut-plug herring or sardines. A big storm is due Friday, so keep your eyes on the weather even if youíre just boating in the bay.

Reminder No. 1: Trout season closes in bays and rivers on Oct. 31.

Ocean fishing is winding down for charters. Trips still are limiting out on rockfish. The crews say the ling cod catch is better some days than others.

Bay crabbing is good to great, depending who you quiz. Commercial boats are doing well crabbing in the bay. Dock crabbing has improved, as well, with people pulling more legal-sized Dungeness. The best places to go from shore are the Port of Coos Bayís docks in Charleston and the Empire Boat Ramp.

This is a good time for bay clamming. If you go, expect minus tides in the evenings through Sunday. Reminder No. 2: Razor clam harvest at the beaches is closed due to high levels of domoic acid.

10/1/2010 Local team airs new fishing show Coos Countyís own Beaverhill TV will premiere its show "The Joy of Fishing" on Sunday, Oct. 3, on Fox Sports Northwest.

The weekly show features the angling adventures of Wayne Van Burger, as he travels to spots around the world to catch the toughest fighting fish. Some people might remember Van Burger as a former head wrestling coach for Marshfield High School.

Airtime is scheduled at 9:30 a.m. Sunday, Oct. 3, and again at noon on Wednesday, Oct. 6. One of the shows will feature video from the Oregon Tuna Classic held in Charleston.

For more details, go to http://thejoyoffishing.tv.

9/30/2010 Fishing Report Salmon fishing is excellent Ė by boat and shore. The Chinook are fat and plentiful, and jumping in the bay.

Trollers also are fishing up the Millicoma and the South Fork of the Coos rivers. Theyíve reported the best luck this week with cut-plug herring and sardines. Anglers along the Coos Bay Boardwalk and Coos Bay docks are using spinners mostly, but a few people are fishing with bait and bobbers. At drive time this morning, more than a dozen people were fishing along the Boardwalk trail. If youíre looking for other spots to fish from shore, go to the mouth of Daniels Creek on the South Fork Coos River or Isthmus Slough near the House of Confusion.

Out in Charleston, ocean fishing is good when the bar is passable. There are scattered reports of tuna. Charters reported limits of rockfish and intermittent ling cod. There are seats open through the weekend and into next week.

Go bay crabbing and youíre sure to take home a Dungeness dinner. Crabbing from the docks in Charleston and Empire has improved, too. Crabbers are catching red rock and Dungeness. Basin Tackle in Charleston said one couple stopped in today after catching 14 crab.

9/23/2010 Fishing Report Itís been an all-around good week to get out on the bay for fishing and crabbing. The waterís been calm and weatherís been decent, attracting a lot of fish into the bay.

Salmon fishing is strong in Coos Bay and more boats are crowding into the Coquille River at Bandon. A good shot of rain has pushed salmon up the rivers. Out on/near the bar, fishermen are using cut-plug herring. Farther up in the bay, people are using spinners, such as rooster tails, Panther Martins, Blue Fox. Along the Coos Bay Boardwalk this week, some people were bait fishing with bobbers. Others were using spinners, with green being the color of choice.

Bottom fishing is excellent and the charters have reported limits on rockfish. Ling cod fishing is good, too.

Crabbers in the bay and from the docks have been doing well. There are still some soft-shell crabs, which you should throw back in the bay. If youíre visiting town and crabbing from the docks or out of your boat, the Charleston Crab Shack will cook your catch. The Charleston Marina RV Park also has a crab cooking room open to the public. Itís outfitted with filet tables, two burners and pots.

9/16/2010 Fishing Report Recreational Chinook salmon fishing in Coos Bay is the sport of choice these days. There are a lot of boats trolling and people fishing from the banks. Baits of choice are cut plug herring and sardines. Some fishermen have had luck with lures and spinners.

Catches have been reported from the Marshfield Channel up into Catching Slough and the Millicoma and South Fork Coos rivers. There have been reports of people catching Chinook from the banks along the Coos Bay Boardwalk path, too. The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife report suggests using spinners or bait under a bobber from the bank at the Boardwalk or the entrance to Daniels Creek on the South Coos River.

Crabbing by boat in the bay has been good, but there are a lot of soft-shell crab right now. Be selective. Crabbing from the docks has been slower. Crab on the incoming tide.

Tuna fishing is winding down for charters. Betty Kay Charters will take its last tuna trip Saturday. As of this afternoon, there are three seats left. Matt at Fishermenís Wharf said the tuna are fat and will probably head back across the Pacific soon. Bottom fishing still is strong.

The bay is full of ling cod and black rockfish. The cod are reported to be legal sized and smaller. Jetty fishing reportedly is good, but donít ignore the weather. The storms are coming.

9/13/2010 Fishing Report Get this. The 11th Annual Coos Bay Amateur Salmon Derby attracted 361 participants over the weekend. They hauled in 210 fish. People came from everywhere, some from as far away as Montana and Californiaís central valley area. Some arrived a week in advance (to practice, right?). The big winner was a local 10-year-old boy. He trolled the channel and pulled in a 38.5-pound Chinook. He took home a trophy fish Ė the largest ever seen in the derby Ė a trophy and $500.

If youíre hankering to hook a Chinook, troll with sardines or herring. Some fishermen late last week were saying the fish didnít seem as enthused about herring because theyíre a bit big this year. Remember, you have to release coho.

Crabbing has been good in the bay by boat, but slow from the docks. People have been catching more of the red rock crab than Dungeness.

9/3/2010 What about trout fishing? Question: I used to fish all the time (Northern NY), but have not fished in Oregon at all.  My 3 year old soon is hankering to go, practicing his casting in the backyard Ė Does my heart good to see. I will probably take him to Empire Lakes, but am unsure what to use for bait for him.  We have some of the small bait Ė He is sleeping now so I cannot get the name, but they are about 1/3Ē and Ďmini-marshmallow looking.  Will that work, or are worms better?

Answer: Itís all a matter of opinion. Some days you'll have good luck; some days you won't. 

The baits of choice for many people who fish Empire Lakes are worms, PowerBait and rooster tails. Some people do fly fish near the shorelines. Weíre not sure about the mini-marshmallow bait, but try it. There are largemouth bass, which tend to like those plastic devices. You also can catch big trout, small stock trout and at times bluegill and perch. 

If you fish with a worm, use a bobber, put on a light weight and fish on or near the bottom. Are worms the best? Some people think so. The squeamish factor determines baits for some children.

Most people fishing the upper lake pull in trout. Many use worms and PowerBait. PowerBait works well at times, especially at the bottom. When worms and PowerBait fail, cast in a rooster tail. Some people troll. Others float into the upper lake on inner tubes, which is not an option with a 4-year-old.

The upper lake is deeper. The lower lake has more woody debris protruding around the edges. There seem to be more bluegill and perch in the lower lake. Then again, some fishermen will tell you they catch more of the trophy-sized trout in the lower lake. Itís best to take a variety of baits and see what works.

 9/2/2010 Fishing Report Tuna are close. As of today, boats were reporting tuna at 25 miles out. Thatís a good range for sport boats. Charters reported good catches and sold-out trips.

Crabbing has been excellent in the bay by boat, with people pulling in their limits right away mid-week. Dock crabbing is hit-and-miss. Remember, itís best on an incoming tide.

Salmon fishing on the ocean is weak, but in Coos Bay itís good Ė if not excellent. Last weekend, the boat launch in Eastside was full of salmon boat trailers and this weekend should be just as busy. Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife biologists reported the best catches in the Coos Bay channel between the McCullough and Chandler bridges.

Donít forget the 11th Annual Coos Bay Amateur Salmon Derby Sept. 11-12. Derby tickets are $20. Kids younger than 13 can fish for free. Watch for posters around town. Tickets are available at Englund Marine, Coos Bay Marine, Y Marina and The Biteís On.

8/26/2010 Fishing Report Bring your kids to the docks in Charleston and jig for herring, while waiting on crab pots. People around the docks are reporting ďhuge herringĒ (8 inches long or so) and lots of them. Matt at Fishermenís Wharf says itís an easy way to catch your bait for fishing. Basin Tackle has been outfitting people whoíve reported luck with five or six little jigs off of a mainline. Sardines and anchovies are out there, but not as plentiful as herring. (Fisheries biologists remind you to be sure to toss back juvenile salmon.)

Crabbing has slowed some from last week in Charleston, but divers reported that a lot of juvenile ling cod have moved into the bay. Chinook salmon fishing has picked up slightly. People have had luck trolling from McCullough Bridge up to the casino. Bank fishing is an option at the end of Ferry Road in North Bend.

On the ocean, charters still are reporting excellent bottom fishing off Coos Bay and Bandon. Tuna are within 50 miles and charters have a few seats for Sunday and more openings into next week.

8/19/2010 Fishing Report Crab on!

Maybe itís not as thrilling as hooking a salmon, but bay crabbing is mighty good this week. Recreational crabbers reportedly hauled in pots full of Dungeness crab. Fish markets reported a jump in business from sport crabbers who wanted their catches cooked.  For those who donít have boats, crabbing from the docks has been OK, with a mix of red rock and Dungeness crab.

Bottom fishing still is going strong. Charter boats have been limiting out.

Tuna are in close to shore, close enough for sport boats. Check with the charter boat operators for opportunities to head out to sea. Most trips are booked weeks out. As of today, there were limited seats on a few days between now and September.

The Chinook salmon bite has been improving. Commercial boats are bringing in some fish. There are more boats in the bay with salmon catches reported near the casino and up into the Marshfield Channel. Fishing for surfperch and rockfish has been good near the airport and railroad bridge.

Minus tides are due for the weekend, so itís a good time to go clamming.

8/12/2010 Fishing Report Plan to go tuna fishing. Theyíre within 40 miles of shore and the charter boats out of Charleston and Bandon have been sending people home happy with a lot of tuna. (Betty Kayís charter Wednesday landed 60 fish.)

In fact, thereís not much else people are talking about in Charleston this weekend. As of this morning, 65  boats were registered for this weekendís Oregon Tuna Classic out of Charleston. The tremendously popular event supports the Oregon Food Bank.

If youíre not up to fishing for your own tuna or canít get a seat on the crowded charters, the fish markets have plenty right now.

Bottom fishing still is going strong. Jetty fishing for greenling and rockfish is decent. Most people have been fishing off of Coos Bayís north jetty. Thereís typically too much swell along the south jetty.

Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife reported this week that anglers have caught a few Chinook around the bar, but salmon fishingís still slow. Boats are starting to troll from the McCullough Bridge up the channel toward downtown Coos Bay.

Commercial crabbing season ends Saturday, but recreational crabbing is open year-round. Itís been improving off of the Charleston Marina docks, but there are reports of some crab with soft shells. Tides have been good for clamming, but remember recreational razor clamming is closed due to domoic acid.

8/5/2010 Fishing Report This is the weekend for halibut. The two-day sports opener is Friday and Saturday. Charters out of Charleston are booked solid both days. Thereís also a two-day season Friday and Saturday, Aug. 20-21. Betty Kay Charters out of Charleston is planning a trip Aug. 21 Ė but itís booked, too. It wouldnít hurt to check, though, to see if thereís a waiting list. Prowler Charters out of Bandon might still have seats.

Bottom fishing remains the sure bet. This has been a good, good season for bottom fishing. Tuna remain somewhat far offshore. The reports around Charleston are that tuna have moved closer this week, with some fishermen reporting occasional catches about 40 miles offshore. The fish are few and far between, but big when they bite.

Crabbing off the docks has been slow. If youíre diving for fish in the bay, itís a bit murky out around Charleston. The U.S. Army Corps dredge Essayons is working near the entrance to the bay. Matt at Fishermenís Wharf was diving Tuesday night and saw quite a few ling cod and black rockfish.

If youíre fishing inland on rivers and streams, you might have some luck hooking trout in the smaller streams. ODFW reports fishermen are having their best luck in the early morning and late evening. Cutthroats have been biting on small streamers and spinners.

Salmon? Itís slow on the ocean and there have been no reports of Chinook being caught in the bay. But they are expected soon.

7/22/2010 Fishing Report Bottom fishing canít be beat. Charters from Charleston and Bandon have continued to send people home with their limits in fish. All trips have been selling out, so if you want to go, book well in advance.

That said, over the past week, big winds have forced charter boat operators to cancel a few trips. Whatís up with the wind anyway? At times, itís blown hard in the morning and quieted in the afternoon.  Recreational fishermen whoíve had to stay in the bay, have been catching mostly black rockfish.

The weekend outlook for fishing in the bay is good. Herring moved in Wednesday. Theyíre good-sized, too, according to Matt at Fishermenís Wharf. If thereís bait in the bay, there will be more fish. Salmon fishing is slow, despite decent conditions and tuna is far offshore (100-120 miles). Sport boats may get lucky and catch a few in closer to shore, but the commercial boats have followed the tuna wave north toward Newport.

Crabbing is improving from the docks, now that the minus tides are gone. Crabbing in the bay is improving, too. Commercial crabbing has been slow, and that prompted Fishermenís Wharf to fly in some Maine lobster today to add to its stock. The Crab Shack has some crab, and itís stocking spot shrimp now, too.

7/14/2010 Fishing Report Wind is good for ocean upwelling, but not so much for charter boats taking people to sea. Tuesdayís wind kept boats in port in Charleston and Bandon. Charters are booking trips through the weekend. Bottom fishing, when the boats get out of port, is excellent. Early week trips limited out. Call the charters to check on the outlook leading into the weekend.

Rockfish and greenling are plentiful around the jetties. Use sand shrimp near the bottom for greenling and jigs with spinner tails for rockfish.

Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlifeís weekly report says there have been a few people catching halibut while fishing off the beaches. Matt at Fishermenís Wharf in Charleston said heís heard that, too. Itís the smaller California halibut. He suggests using a surf perch rig. Put a weight on the line with a 2- or 3-foot leader. Use sand shrimp or mole crab as bait.

Tuna are about 35 miles offshore, but tackle shops and charter operators say the warm water is north of Coos Bay right now.  Salmon fishing is slow.

Crabbing is slow in Bandon and Winchester Bay, but decent in Coos Bay. Thatís prompted folks to head this direction. Recreational crabbers have had luck off the docks and from boats out in the bay. The saltwater has increased in the bay, which seems to be helping.

There are two more days of morning minus tides, so clamming should be good around Charleston and up the bay near Clam Island. Tide books and tips are available at local tackle shops and the marina and RV offices in Charleston.

7/08/2010 Fishing Report The Charleston Marina parking lot is full of trucks and trailers today. The weather was calm this morning and people are going out for crab, ling cod and bottom fishing.

Crabbing has improved. Reports around Charleston indicate people crabbing off the docks and in the bay have been doing better than those who dropped pots at sea.

Rockfish and greenling are plentiful around the jetties. Watch the waves and weather. The rockfishing charter trips have been limiting out. Fishermen are pulling in a good grade of black rockfish and red vermillion. The ling cod catch has been good, too.

But what about salmon?

The folks at Basin Tackle say salmon conditions are nearly perfect. They watch satellite data, that matches a sea surface temperature image and with a satellite plankton image. Those are aligned, so theyíre betting salmon fishing improves. Bait fish like to swim on a cold edge of water. For example, theyíll cruise along a 50-degree upwelling of water, bordering a 54-degree bank. The salmon follow.

Margery at Betty Kay Charters said salmon have been a bit slow to bite. Betty Kay is offering a salmon trip on Saturday.

The warm tuna current has moved farther offshore. Albacore are estimated at 80 to 100 miles out. Charters are running and seats are open.

Weíll have minus tides this weekend, so itís a good time to go clamming in the bay. Razor clamming is closed due to elevated levels of domoic acid, which is caused by algae blooms. You can check for shellfish harvest updates on the Oregon Department of Agricultureís web site at http://oregon.gov/ODA/FSD/shellfish_status.shtml.

FYI: If you want a break from fishing, the Wild Women of Charleston are hosting a Bring Your Own Picnic for families from 1 to 4 p.m., July 17, at Bastendorff Beach.

7/01/2010 Fishing Report  Donít let the crowd fool you. Thereís still room to park your boat trailer in Charleston if youíre headed out for halibut today or Friday. Commercial boats brought in fish Wednesday, so yes, halibut is in the fish markets for non-anglers.  For sports halibut fishermen, the reports today are mixed.  

Tuna are moving closer to shore. Bandonís Prowler Charters reported one of its boats catching some tuna about 35 miles offshore.

Bottom fishing still rules. All of the charters say their boats have been limiting out. There still are seats available for the weekend for bottom fishing. Theyíll go salmon fishing, too, if enough people sign up. The weather for Saturday looks good. Sunday afternoon is likely to be windy. 

Crabbing in the bay is decent. Dock crabbers have been catching a mix of Dungeness and red rocks crab. Either way, theyíre bringing Ďem in. 

Low tide today attracted quite a few clammers to Charleston. Recreational razor clamming is CLOSED from Coos Bay to Bandon, due to elevated levels of domoic acid.

6/29/2010 Fishing Report  Tuna have been reported about 100 miles offshore. Fishermen in Charleston say Oregon boats have been catching 400 a day, with fish averaging 16 pounds. 

Sports fishermen can hook halibut Thursday and Friday (July 1-2) as far south as Humbug Mountain. Commercial boats will be fishing Wednesday only. If you didnít schedule a charter or donít have a boat of your own, local fish markets should have halibut available Thursday and Friday. 

Go to the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife for information on other openings this summer and rules. http://www.dfw.state.or.us/MRP/finfish/halibut/

6/25/2010 Fishing Report  Charter boat operators say bottom fishing is doing very well. Seats are available, but the season is picking up. The first salmon trips start this weekend, as Coho season opens Saturday. The charters are anticipating a good year. 

Grab your crab pots and bait. Crabbing is good in Charleston from the docks. People crabbing from boats have been doing well, too, this week. Red rock crab are the most plentiful.  

Rockfish and greenling fishing at the jetties still is strong. Use sand shrimp near the bottom for greenling and a plastic twister tail for rockfish. 

Matt at Fishermanís Wharf was diving in Coos Bay this week and was amazed by the underwater traffic. He reported seeing a lot of black cod, sea trout, cabezon and tons of ling cod, which were fairly aggressive. There is spawn all over the bottom of the bay, which probably explains why Coos Bay is the destination of choice for underwater visitors.  

On the topic of visitors, keep your eyes open for orcas. There have been several confirmed sightings of a pod on the Central Coast down to Florence.

6/11/2010 Fishing Report  Hankering for some rockfish? If so, this might be the weekend for bottom fishing.  

Charlestonís charter boats have been limiting out on rockfish and catching some lingcod. There are seats open in Bandon and Charleston for the weekend. The weather forecast is mostly good for Saturday and Sunday (67 degrees and sunny, but a bit windy). If the oceanís not too bouncy, the boats will go. As to Chinook fishing, the boats will go if there are enough bookings and the ocean cooperates. Check with the charters for scheduling. 

Rockfish and greenling fishing around the jetties still is the best option for people who arenít venturing out in the ocean.  

Donít forget: Itís free fishing weekend. That means neither adults nor children need licenses to toss hooks in the water. For families, the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife is sponsoring a kids fishing event at Tugman State Parkís Eel Lake near Lakeside. 

Sturgeon fishing remains slow in Isthmus Slough and up the Coos River. People catching them have reported luck using sand shrimp. 

Crabbing off the docks has been slow, but it should be a good weekend for clamming, thanks to negative tides. FYI, state officials have closed razor clamming from Coos Bay to Bandon due to the neurotoxin domoic acid in the meat. Itís caused when there are red algae blooms and the shellfish eat a lot of it.

6/04/2010 Fishing Report  Charter boats have been doing well with limits on bottom fish. Salmon fishing has been slow for sport fishermen. The fish still are swimming deep. 

Matt at Fishermenís Wharf in the Charleston Marina went diving this week in the bay and reported seeing a lot of lingcod and black rockfish. 

Sturgeon fishing in Isthmus Slough is slow. Sand shrimp is the preferred bait right now. Rockfish and greenling fishing around the jetties has been good, but be very careful. Pay attention to weather forecasts and the ocean. 

Recreational crabbing is improving for people in boats. Itís still a bit slow from the docks.

5/27/2010 Fishing report  Ocean fish rule right now. Fishermen had luck last week hooking greenling and rockfish along the Coos Bay jetties. Use a jig with a plastic twister tail for rockfish and fish sand shrimp near the bottom for greenling. Keep caution in mind and an eye on the weather if you fish near the jetties.  

Betty Kay Charters reported today that bottom fishingís been going well out of Charleston. The boats have been catching limits on rockfish. Anglers have hauled in nice, big blacks and vermilion. Theyíve also been catching a few lingcod.  

If youíre hankering for halibut, book your seats now. The three-day opener, June 3-5, may prove popular. This will be the last chance to hook halibut if the catch hits the 105,948-pound quota. If not, the state may offer more opportunities. Seatwise, Betty Kayís June 4 halibut trip is full. There were plenty of seats left for Thursday, June 3, and a few for Saturday, June 5. Bandonís Prowler Charters halibut trips are mostly full.  

Crabbing is slow in the bay for those in boats or dropping crab pots off the docks. Still, itís worth a try over the holiday weekend. Use fish, chicken or turkey legs for bait. 

Want salmon? Local charters are booking ocean trips for June.

5/20/2010  - Local Report  Stop wishing for a family fishing weekend Ė just go. Trout fishing in the bay and rivers opens Saturday. Anyone fishing for trout above tidewater must use lures or artificial flies.

Local lakes and ponds are stocked with legal-sized rainbow trout. Worms, small spinners and flies still are the preferred snack.  The hot spot for kids is the Millicoma Pond at the Millicoma Interpretive Center on the West Fork of the Ė yes, you guessed it Ė Millicoma River near Allegany. (Kids fishing only.) Call 541-267-2557 to be sure the gate is open.

The 3-day Halibut season continues through Saturday. Charters were nearly booked earlier this week, but itís worth checking to see whether there might be a few seats open or cancellations. The next window for hooking halibut is June 3-5.

Rockfish and greenling fishing has been good around the jetties. Use a jig with a plastic twister tail for rockfish; fish with sand shrimp near the bottom for greenling.

Sturgeon fishing is very slow, but you can try hooking them with sand shrimp. Crabbing is slow.  Fish, chicken and turkey legs have been the bait of choice. Also, mussel harvesting is closed from Bastendorff Beach at Charleston to the California border.

5/18/2010 - Halibut fishing update  Halibut fishermen were smiling after the three-day window last weekend. Charter boat operators reported decent landings on a somewhat rough Thursday, but good landings on Friday and Saturday.

Betty Kay Charters out of Charleston reported 10 fish on Thursday. On Friday, fishermen pulled in 22 halibut and Saturdayís catch totaled 18.  

As for this weekís May 20-22 opening, Betty Kay still had seats available for Thursday, but the weather outlook isnít good. A couple seats were available for Friday and Saturday was sold out. Bandonís Prowler Charters also reported good halibut catches last weekend and the outlook remains good for this weekend. Prowlerís Saturday seats were full, but there was room for Thursday (weather willing) and Friday charters. 

If you missed out this month on the limited halibut season, thereís one more opening scheduled June 3-5. 

If you go: Itís a 12-hour trip. Bring snacks. Wear shades. Dress for all weather and bring sunscreen.  

Reminder: Local charter boat operators are booking ocean salmon fishing trips for June.

5/13/2010 Ė Local Report  Halibut season is under way today through Saturday. If you didnít make it to Charleston, thereís still time. Other open dates are scheduled, including May 20-22 and June 3-5. There could be more windows of opportunity if we donít hit the 105,948-pound quota.  

State fish and wildlife workers recently stocked local lakes and ponds with legal-sized rainbow trout. Theyíre biting on worms, small spinners and flies. Take the kids to Empire Lakes in Coos Bay.

Fishermen are hooking a few sturgeon in Isthmus Slough, but overall sturgeon fishing has been slow. Sand shrimp appears to be the best bait right now. Reminder: You canít keep green sturgeon, which are listed under the Endangered Species Act.

Rockfish and greenling fishing has been good around the jetties. Use a jig with a plastic twister tail for rockfish; fish with sand shrimp near the bottom for greenling. People have been pulling in mostly red rock crab, but overall bay crabbing has been slow by boat and from the docks. Fish, chicken and turkey legs have been the bait of choice. Ocean crabbing has been better. 

Wait for a calm ocean to fish near rocky outcroppings for rockfish and lingcod. The recent rough ocean hasnít helped surfperch anglers. If you go, make sure itís an incoming tide and find a beach with smaller waves. Put sand shrimp or sand worms on your line. Mussel harvesting is closed from Bastendorff Beach at Charleston to the California border.

04/27/2010 - Local Report  Local lake stocking will be taking place this week with legal size rainbow trout.  The best thing to use for bait is worms and bright spinners.

Bay crabbing from the dock has been slow and boat crabbing from a boat has been a bit better, but both have been reporting Red Rock Crab as the main harvest.

Rockfish and Greenling bottom fishing has been decent when the swells have been calm.  Surfperch fishing has been slow with the active high surf.  Anglers are using sand shrimp and fishing when its an incoming tide for the best results. 

03/19/2010 - Local Report  Bay crabbing has been very slow.  Most of the harvest has been Red Rock Crab with very few Dungeness.  Reports coming in with people coming in with about half their allowed limits.

Rainbow Trout stocking has begun in many Coos County Lakes.  Check out the ODF&W website for the most up-to-date stocking schedules.  Anglers are finding success using flies and worms.

There have been reports of sturgeon being caught near the Coos Bay Estuary.  Baits being used are sand shrimp and squid.

02/08/2010 - Local Report  Empire lakes, Tenmile Lakes and Saunders lake are all reporting excellent trout fishing.  Anglers are using bright spinners and worms for the best luck. 

The rivers have been reportedly low and clear, but there are still Steelhead being caught although it has slowed down with these river conditions.  According to the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife:  "Access to the South Coos River above Dellwood is by permit from Weyerhaeuser Company, and is subject to their rules. Anglers can call the Weyerhaeuser hotline number at 1-888-741-5403 for recorded information on access and permit purchases." 

Recreational crabbing has slowed down in the area, its more been more productive for bay crabbers with boats, with most of the harvest being reported as Red Rock Crab.  Dock crabbing has been very slow in the Charleston area.

Bottomfishing for Rockfish, Greenling and Cod has been decent when the waters have been calm enough to go out. 

01/25/2010 - Local Report  The West fork of the Millicoma river was clear yesterday and the East Fork was clear but with better fishing conditions as one Angler reported.  He stated that he was using a corky and an egg and landed 3 with that combination.  He said that the banks were a little deserted yesterday and reported only seeing about 10 cars up the East Fork.  The angler said that his friend caught a nice 30 incher weighing in at nearly 9 pounds using a bobber and jig set up.  There really needs to be a couple inches of rain to bring some more steelhead up into the river, that fishing has definitely slowed down from last week.

01/15/2010 - Local Report  The East fork of the Millicoma river was reportedly perfect fishing conditions today.  The West fork was also in good shape and got even better as the day progressed.  There were hundreds of fishermen on the banks of both forks most of the day.  Many steelhead were being landed through out the day.  Anglers were reportedly using eggs and corkys or yarn and a corky.  There were some fishermen using a Blue Fox #4 lime green spinner and having good luck with that. 

01/04/2010 - Local Report  Steelhead fishing was reportedly picking up speed today.  One angler's report stated that he was up the East fork of the Millicoma River and hooked three and landed one.  This angler was using drifting eggs with a corky.  This angler saw 6 other fish being hooked this morning.  The waters on the east fork were in perfect condition and the river was being fished heavily from Nesika park on down.  The West fork of the Millicoma was low and clear today.  Crabbing remains excellent in the bay. 


12/15/2009 - Local Report Steelhead are reportedly being caught up on the East Fork of the Millicoma River, but it has been pretty slow.  The next rain should bring in some brights and there should be a good return this year. Crabbing continues to be excellent both off the dock and in the bay.  Limits are being met and the shells are firm and full. 
11/30/2009 - Local Report
Rainbow trout fishing is reportedly excellent in many local lakes.  Anglers have been successful using Powerbait and spinners.  Recreational crabbing and clamming continue to be excellent in Coos Bay.  Limits are being met quickly and the weather has been excellent.  Steelhead season is now open and there are a few being caught in the Coos River Basin.  This should pick up through the month as the best fishing should start about the end of December.  Bottom fishing for Lingcod and rockfish has been reportedly strong.

11/18/2009 - Local Report  Both recreational crabbing and clamming have been excelled in Coos Bay.  The crabbers are limiting out quickly either off the dock or out in the bay with a boat.  The dock crabbers are reporting mostly rock crab and the bay crabbers are reporting reaching limits on Dungeness.  Salmon fishing has continued to slow with very few brights being reported.

11/5/2009 - Local Report  Clamming and Crabbing are both being reported as excellent in Coos Bay.  Tides have been good late evening and the crabs being harvested are hard shelled.  Salmon fishing has slowed down since most of the fish have moved up river.  There are a few being caught at the Coos Bay boardwalk, but most of them are dark.  Empire Lake in Coos Bay was just recently stocked with Rainbow Trout and anglers have been successful using Powerbait and spinners.

10/30/2009 - Local Report  Crabbing inside the bay has been very successful this week.  Sport crabbers are limiting out quickly on Dungeness Crab and the shells have been hard.  Chinook Salmon have been reportedly being caught down on the Coos Bay Boardwalk and in the mouth of Daniels Creek in Catching Slough.  Trout fishing will close in Coos Bay and the rivers on October 31.

10/21/2009 - Local Report  Crabbing outside the bar has now closed for the season.  Inside the bay, crabbing has been slow with very few coming close to their limits.  Bay fishing continues to be slow with a few sea trout, perch and bottom fish being landed.

10/03/2009 - ODFW Report  There have been a few sea-run cutthroat trout caught in Coos Bay. The use of bait while fishing for trout in streams above tidewater is now allowed. Trout season is open until October 31.  Harvest of fall Chinook has slowed down this past week in Coos Bay but there are still plenty of fish to be caught. Harvest this past week has been almost a 50/50 split between jacks and adult Chinook. The best place to fish from a boat is in the Marshfield Channel, Coos River, and South Fork Coos River.  Harvest of Chinook by bank anglers has picked up this past week. A few of the bank fishing area are at the Coos Bay City Boardwalk, the mouth of Catching Slough, the mouth of Daniels Creek, and the upper end of Isthmus Slough near the House of Confusion. The 2009 temporary regulations for fall chinook are now in affect until Dec. 31.  The quota has been met for the wild coho fishery in Coos Bay and harvest of wild coho is no longer allowed. Anglers may still retain fin-clipped coho.

Fishing for rockfish, surfperch, and greenling in the lower Coos Bay estuary has been good. To catch rockfish and surfperch fish near pilings or submerged rock piles and for greenling concentrate your fishing effort near kelp beds for the best success.  The best baits to use are sand shrimp or a jig and twister tail.

The entire Oregon Coast is still closed to recreational mussel and clam harvest due to elevated levels of paralytic shellfish poisoning or PSP toxins according to the Oregon Department of Agriculture. Crabs are not affected by this level of toxin and are safe to eat.  Before any shellfish harvest trip, make sure to check the Oregon Department of Agriculture website for any recent shellfish closures recent shellfish closures at: http://oregon.gov/ODA/FSD/shellfish_status.shtml.

Recreational crab harvest inside the bay is good for those with boats and those on the docks. Red rock crabs are the main harvest at the Charleston and Empire docks but there are also a few legal Dungeness crabs being harvested as well. The best time to crab is a few hours before high tide and the preferred baits to use are fish, chicken, or turkey legs.

9/18/2009 - Local Report  Salmon are reportedly being caught in abundance by the Chandler Bridge area on Coos River.   One angler reported that yesterday their boat hooked 12 and landed 8.  There were many boats out and lots of fish being caught in that area. The anglers were using #6 Blue Fox lures (orange) with 2 oz. of lead with a splitter bar.   

9/16/2009 - Local Report Chinook Salmon fishing over the last week has been excellent off Coos Bay near the Channel and Coos River sections of the bay.  Plug cut herring seems to be the bait of choice with most anglers.  Some are trolling with a flasher, and some are not.  Wild Coho are being caught near the McCullough Bridge area.  The most recent ODFW regulations state that the limit on wild Coho is one non-fin clipped Coho per day and a total of five non-fin clipped Coho for the season.  This will run through the last day of November or until a 1,000 landed quota has been reached. Bottom fishing continues to be very active with fishermen reportedly having the best luck with a jig and twister tails or sand shrimp.  There are some great minus tides this week and the clamming has been great.  Make sure to check the tide table section of this website to time your trip for the best time to go.

9/14/2009 - Local Report 
Over the weekend, it was reported that Salmon were biting and being landed in the channel in Empire about 10 feet deep.  The anglers were trolling on downriggers using plug cut herring about 3.5 MPH.  Bay crabbing was excellent with most everyone harvesting their limits with hard shelled Dungeness.

9/9/2009 - Local Report According to a local charter operator, the bottomfishing has been spectacular.  Limits were caught on Rock Cod, Black Cod and Snapper and even Lingcod.  Shrimp Flies and Rubber Scampis have been successful luring them in.  Tuna fishing has been excellent since there is still lots of warm water.  Reports of tuna being caught as close at 18 miles out but the majority of catch is out around 25 miles.  Ocean Salmon fishing has been slow, very few being caught.  The river Salmon fishing has been very successful using plug cut herring with or without a flasher.  Ocean and Bay crabbing has been excellent.  The shells have hardened back up and limits are being met on Dungeness.

9/3/2009 - Local Report  Tuna are being fished hard about 30 miles out.  One local angler came in with 18 on his boat today.  Bottom fishing has been great off Simpson's reef and Coho are being caught in the mouth of Coos River.  Coho are reportedly biting on hoochies and flashers.  The ODFW announced that anglers are now allowed to keep one wild Coho Salmon caught inside the river.

8/27/2009 - Local Report  Salmon are being caught at the mouth of the Coos River, using plug cut herring and a flasher.  There have been several landed over the last few days.  Crabbing still remains active on the docks and in the bay, but most of the shells are reported as half full and soft.

8/20/2009 - Local Report  Largemouth bass, yellow perch and bluegills in the local area lakes is still decent.  Chinook Salmon fishing has been slow but is expected to pick up in the next couple weeks.  Clamming has been good this week with some great minus tides.  Crabbing has been still going strong for those on the dock and also in the boats.  Shells are getting pretty soft on the Dungeness pulls and on the docks, most pulls are Red Rock crab. 

7/29/09 - Local Report  A few reports from around the Charleston Marina and the Marina RV Park this week that say that the tuna is about 14-20 miles out and the water is warming back up.  The bottomfishing has slowed down a bit in the last week.  The bay and dock crabbing has been good, but the shells are starting to get pretty soft.  Salmon fishing has been active, but very few keepers being reported.

7/21/09 - Local Report  Both Empire and Tenmile Lake trout fishing has been reportedly still active with the weather warming up.  The trout have been averaging between 17 and 20 inches long.  Using a bobber with the bait attached just underneath has been what most people have been using, or trolling with a flasher or worm.  Blue Gill have begun to spawn and are interested in worms on a small jig under a bobber.  One angler said that the fish have been pretty aggressive trying to protect their nests.  Largemouth Bass are also biting using crankbaits, spinners and plastic worms.   Bay crabbing is still doing well, with people harvesting close to their limits.  Most dock crabbers are reporting mainly Red Rock Crab and a few legal Dungeness.  Trout fishing is reportedly open in Coos Bay and the rivers.  Angling is restricted to artificial flies and lures in streams above tidewater.

7/17/09 - Local Report  Ocean fishing has seen rough weather for the last few days but that changed going into the weekend.  Seas and winds have calmed and the fog lifted this morning allowing over 40 sport boats to cross the Charleston bar.  Reports indicate that bottom fishing is fabulous with great catches of blacks and lingcod.   Crabbing and fishing off the docks has been slow with crab catches being predominantly red rock.

7/14/09 - Local Report  The charter fleet reports that tuna fishing has been fantastic!  Yesterday a nine person charter landed 85 nice-grade fish in the 20 lb. range.  They report averaging 50 tuna per day trip.  Expect to find them about 15 to 20 miles off shore at this time.  The charter fleet reports that salmon catches have been spotty but the sport segment indicate that the salmon fishing is great.  They reported limiting out on salmon yesterday and also indicated that bottom fishing is holding up well.  Crabbing and fishing off the docks have also been good.  Thoughts are that local upwelling is bringing food and bait fish closer to the surface making for good catch off the docks.  Hard shelled crabs are still being caught among soft shelled ones indicating that molting is still continuing.

Weekend Summary 7/13/09 - Local Report  The weekend was busy in Charleston, OR with flat and foggy ocean conditions.  Visibility was low and reports indicated tuna was 26 miles off the coast.  One angler reported a Saturday tuna catch of 26 and a Sunday total of 16 all in the 20 to 55 lb. range.  Bottom fishing was good and reports of Salmon catch were high as well.

7/10/09 - Local Report  Tuna are being reported about 20 miles out in 60į water.  Anglers are having luck fishing with cedar plugs.  Salmon and bottom fishing have also been reported as very active with fishermen catching their limits.  Bay crabbing continues to be excellent with reports of full limits with most of the catch still being firm shelled.  A few soft-shells reported, but the ration is about 9 to 1.

7/08/09 - Local Report  Salmon fishing was reportedly excellent yesterday with one group catching 8 fish and only two of those were natives and had to be put back. They were fishing about 10 miles out in 360 ft. waters.  They were using a diver with an apex yesterday which seemed to be working well.    The ODFW Fish Checker reported that she has checked in a lot of Salmon in the last two days.  Recreational Tuna fishing has been excellent as well, although the waters are cooling again and the tuna have headed out a bit further.  The Tuna were reportedly 19 miles out yesterday with one anglers report of 12 fish landed.  Sturgeon fishing at the bottom for the forks of the Coos River continues to be slow.  Many anglers are still fishing the area using squid and shrimp in bait bags with bites being few and far between.  One report came in that near Gardiner on the Lower Umpqua - they are really getting active and many fisherman have been lined up fishing that area hard.

7/07/09 - Local Report  Tuna fishing for recreational and sport fisherman has been very good.  The tuna are now being reported as close as 15 miles.

Weekend Summary and Morning Update - 7/06/09 - Local Report  Bottom fishing was very active over the weekend - many anglers reporting catching their limits even a report of a good sized 24" ling cod.  Black Rock, Vermillion, Coppers and Cabezon were all reported being landed - a very good mix.  One report came in saying that they were trolling jigs for the bottom fish and having luck with the zucchini clones.  Tuna fish were reportedly being caught by recreational fisherman about 20-25 miles out.  Many boats out of Charleston harbor reporting.  Commercial fisherman were also doing very well with their tuna catch.  Bay crabbing was excellent this weekend.  Many people were catching their limits and a few semi-soft shells were reported but most of the crab were firm.  Many Salmon fishermen went out on Friday July 3, but the high winds forced them back in early.  The salmon were slow biting and it was reported that for about every 10 Native caught, one fin clipped was being caught.  So, there was just basically some catch and release happening.  Charter fishing boats were all out and active this last weekend fishing for bottom fish and catching their limits.

Update 7/02/2009 - Local Report  The weather is reportedly better today and winds have calmed down some.  It was reported that 20-30 recreational boats left the Charleston area this morning to go Salmon fishing.  It was also reported that the local charter fishing boats are out.  Halibut season has opened back for for July 2, 3 and 4.  Another report regarding Dungeness crab in the bay reporting that many people were catching their limits yesterday and the shells are still semi-hard.

Update 7/01/2009 - Local Report  Sturgeon are still not biting below the forks on the Coos River.  There have been several boats there fishing that area over the last two days and no one has reported any landings.   Wind and chop continue to slow the recreational fishing.

Update 6/30/2009 - Local Report  The weather conditions continue to slow down the recreational fishing.  The water is very choppy and the winds are high.  Dock crabbing has been very slow with most of the catching being juvenile or female crabs.  There has been a bit of luck in the bay crabbing, but no one seems to be reaching their limits.  The shells are being reported as still firm enough to eat.  Although the tides weren't the best in front of the Portside Restaurant in Charleston Oregon yesterday, there were a handful of diggers that got their limits on gapers.  Several of them also raked in enough cockle clams to fill their buckets.

Update 6/29/2009 - Local Report  Due to extreme wind and the inability for anglers to cross the bar, there has been no recently reported fishing activity.   There has been some successful bay crabbing reported over the weekend.  The Dungeness crab shells are reported being semi-firm. 

Update 6/26/2009 - Local Report
Sturgeon Fishing has nearly come to a standstill below the forks on the Coos River over the last two days.  The bait being used is squid and shrimp tied in bait bags (due to the bullheads making off with bait not secured) and it has not enticed the sturgeon to bite.   The Shad are starting to come in and the sturgeon usually follow the shad this time of year.  There are also many reports of sea lions attacking and eating the 7-8 foot sturgeon.  Clamming is great today and the Martha Washington's are in abundance on clam island (north spit area)!  Halibut fishing will be open for three days - July 2, 3 & 4 - according to local reports.  Windy conditions are slowing down local anglers from accessing the ocean.  Please check the weather and water page of this website for links and information on the latest conditions.

Recreational Fishing Update 6/25/2009 - Local Angler Report  Yesterday it was reported that salmon were being caught about five miles out, due west, of the Charleston Oregon bar.  The lures being reported are; pink hoochies down about 15 ft. in 250 ft. waters, and watermelon hoochies down about 100 ft. in 300 ft. waters.    It was also reported that NW on 270į 4-5 miles out in 200-350 ft. waters that salmon are being caught 30 ft. down and the hot lure being used is the watermelon hoochie.  An angler stated that they caught 10 wild salmon before catching three clipped fin salmon - and they are biting!

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